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FDA US Registration Agent

FDA Agents


U.S. Agent and Registration of Facilities Worldwide
for the United States Food and Drug Administration
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US Agent Compliance and Designation


US Agent Compliance


Perhaps your company needs a new US Agent or desires to change to a new US Agent

US FDA requires every foreign food, beverage, medical device or drug company to have a designated US Agent. Since 2003, we have completed this compliance requirement for companies worldwide.

Our US Agent-only compliance service is a flat, fixed annual fee. The fee does not change even if email communication service with US FDA becomes necessary. The annual fee of 289 usd runs on a twelve-month basis, and includes email and telephonic communication, beginning with the date you initially designate US Agent.

All our US Agent communications are handled confidentially and professionally. No one (not your customer, broker, importer or others) will be aware of the US FDA communications with us about your company or products.

We provide a courtesy Confirmation of US FDA Registration Data for free to our client companies for which US Agent service is provided.

If we can assist your company with US Agent compliance, simply send us an email to info@fdaagents.com and describe the industry you are in (food, beverage, medical or drug).





FDA Agents is a private company, not a part of or affiliated with the United States Food and Drug Administration or the US Government